Understanding Web Development versus Web Design

Posted by nishtech

Have you ever pondered the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Want to learn the difference, so you know who you need to hire?

If you said yes, then read on and we’ll help clarify what person you need to enhance your web technologies, build a stronger online brand and prepare your digital footprint for future growth and not just for today!

Web Designer

Web design is best described as the customer-facing part of a website. Therefore, a web designer is focused on how a site looks as well as how customers will interact with it. If you are ready to hire a good web designer, then ask them the following questions. This will help you distinguish from a good one and a not-so-good one:

  • Would you consider yourself a seasoned graphic designer?
  • Describe to me a client situation where you have elevated an online brand.
  • When it comes to usability, what is your process for assisting clients?

These three simple questions will help you identify the right person to assist with the principles of design for creating a great looking and functioning website. Understanding function of a website includes navigation, where visitors want to go / want to see, and how to guide them to inquire more about your services/products.

Web Developer

Nish Tech IncWeb development is most commonly explained as the back-end of the website. This includes the custom programming and page interactions. A good web developer focuses on how a site works and how the users / visitors / customers can get things done on it. Many web developers today understand how to program CGI (A common gateway interface means understanding how to build custom programs between the world wide web and languages such as C, Java, Visual Basic and scripts like PHP or AppleScript). These individuals understand how forms work, can keep a site running effectively and are the right resource when looking to add custom functionality to any site.

When choosing a web developer, here are three questions to equate the good and the bad:

  • What are a few of your favorite development tools? Why?
  • Can you tell me a few websites that you admire and why?
  • What web browser do you use? (any great developer will say all of them, since they must test in all platforms to ensure it works on them)

As you seek to hire or secure a web designer or developer, we encourage you to talk to us first. We have both designers and developers on staff to help you create the perfect web experience for your use – and from your customer’s perspective!

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