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In a world where the lines between B2B and B2C are not just blurring but converging, Nishtech leads the charge in redefining commerce. Leveraging Optimizely's latest advancements, we proudly present the Optimizely Commerce Accelerator – a testament to our innovative approach in blending these two worlds seamlessly.

The commerce landscape is evolving rapidly, with Gartner's data showing 61% of businesses navigating the B2B/B2C mix, our Accelerator is more than a solution; it's a strategic advantage. We bring together the agility of B2C with the precision of B2B, offering a unified commerce strategy that's ahead of its time.

In 15 minutes we show you how we set up a fully functional ecommerce website in Optimizely Content Management using a pre-configured Optimizely Configured Commerce site and the Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator. Real-time setup for this site was 90 minutes.


Core Advantage

  • Rapid Deployment: Deploy a fully integrated e-commerce site in as little as two months.
  • Seamless Integration: Pre-built integration with Optimizely CMS and Commerce for a cohesive user experience.
  • Customization and Personalization: Tailor every aspect of your commerce experience to fit your unique brand identity and customer needs.
  • Scalable Architecture: Grow and adapt your commerce capabilities without the constraints of traditional platforms.

Innovative Features

  • Unified Customer Experience: Deliver consistent, personalized shopping experiences across all customer touchpoints.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of data intelligence to create targeted marketing strategies and product offerings.
  • Efficiency at Every Step: Reduce operational complexity with streamlined processes and a user-friendly interface.

Be part of the evolution. With Nishtech and Optimizely, you're not just adapting to change – you're leading it

Key Features

  • Extensible UX

    Out-of-the-box sophisticated user design with extensible components

  • next-level personalization

    Integrated personalization capabilities provide unique buying experiences such as facet filtering, customer-specific catalogs, sitewide product comparisons, and dynamic cross-sells, upsells, and product recommendations

  • Product Restrictions and Content Customization

    Configurable product availability and content customization/personalization based upon user accounts and contracts

  • Saved Payment Cards

    Authenticated users can save payment card information to their profile for faster checkout

  • Quick Order Pad

    Reusable component that can be placed on any page. Search for products and add to cart right from search results.

  • Mini Cart

    Configurable component that displays a popup as products are added to the shopping cart

  • Dealer Locator

    Searchable database of dealer locations with geolocated search results and clickable Google map

  • Bulk Order Upload

    Upload spreadsheets to quickly add large orders to the shopping cart

  • advanced search

    Advanced search capabilities including auto-complete, ecommerce Elasticsearch, and Optimizely Search & Navigation for a friction-free visitor experience

  • Multi-Site Architecture

    Multi-site theming architecture for accelerated rollouts

  • Account Management

    Complete self-service account management capabilities

  • content optimization

    Delivery and experimentation platform for optimized customer journeys

  • fast checkout

    Single page checkout for authenticated and guest users

  • guest user for b2c/b2b

    Guest user checkout is fully supported, allowing out-of-the-box support for both B2B and B2C deployments

Fully customizable B2B ecommerce solution

Home Page

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - home page

Mega-Navigation Pane

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - navigation

Configurable Facet Filtering

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - product filtering

Full Site Product Comparison

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - product comparison

One-page Checkout

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - checkout

Quick Order

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - quick order


Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - wish list

Order History

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - order history

Join us in pioneering the new era of commerce. Reach out for a personalized demo and see firsthand how the Optimizely Commerce Accelerator by Nishtech can elevate your business in the converging world of B2B and B2C commerce.

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