Five Characteristics of an Expert Web Development / Implementation Firm

Posted by nishtech

Have you ever dreamed about the perfect web development / implementation firm? I assumed you answered “no” and well, neither have we. But wouldn’t it be nice that before you choose the firm that is right for your company you could identify what it means to be an expert in this important field?

Technology today is all encompassing, there are companies around who focus on cloud based solutions, internet or web design and others who focus on what we define as web development – content management systems, e-commerce systems and mobile web technologies. No, this isn’t all we believe that web development / implementation firms do, but this is the basic foundation and knowledge of the good ones.

When you select your next web development / implementation firm, consider these five characteristics to ensure you are choosing one that will accomplish your goals and stand by their product(s):

  1. Exemplifies a drive to be creative. They are not afraid to create solutions that may be out of the box and/or customized for the client. If the firm has a ‘one size fits all’ approach, you will be paying much more for your solution than you want, because nine times out of 10 all the customization you’d need for your company would be an additional fee / add – on service.
  2. Listens and learns as much as possible about the client and their needs, as well as understanding the profile of the end user. Once they have listened, they will translate the information into language you understand, not technical mumbo jumbo. Many times they will also put it in writing to ensure all needs have been clearly identified and the goals are as intended.
  3. Is knowledgeable about what it takes to perform custom coding, when needed. Not only do they understand it, but they are willing to adapt or learn if they need to. When a firm shares its “my way or the highway” approach, you will want to run in the opposite direction fast!
  4. Is dedicated to a superb finished product. This means there is room for enhancements and the solutions is created with dynamic functionality (not ‘custom’ without any room for modifications). It also means the product was built ready for the next phase of growth; after all, technology is always changing, so why get stuck with a static product?
  5. Process for communicating effectively throughout all phases of the project. If a firm can demonstrate how they manage for success and in the same vein create euphoric clients (you must check references), then they are a reputable firm that is worthy of your project.

These five characteristics are not all encompassing, but they offer the primary ways any business can ask the right questions so they don’t choose the wrong type of web development / implementation firm. If you are choosing a firm soon, be sure to research the company to find out what experiences others have had with them AND definitely research to locate all the necessary questions before you meet with them.

One big question to ask is, “who owns the domain and who will host the platform?” If the answer is not your company, then move to the next interview and don’t look back.

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