7 Design Principles in Sitecore Commerce Accelerator SAFIC

Posted by Himadri Chakrabarti


There is a long history of integration between Sitecore and various commerce platforms. It goes back to the day when Sitecore created Sitecore eCommerce Services (SES) for Sitecore 6.1. Most recently Commerce Connect is the preferred framework. SES and Commerce Connect framework have been used to connect and build many commerce applications in Sitecore. But it was never done the way we have done it in SAFIC (Sitecore Accelerator Framework for Integrated Commerce). SAFIC is an accelerator framework that makes it possible to implement the eCommerce website natively in Sitecore, on top of the any eCommerce engine. Sitecore developers feel at home because it is purely developed based on the Sitecore architecture. At the same time, it funnels the power of Commerce platforms like (Sitecore Commerce and InsiteCommerce) through their latest and greatest headless API architecture. SAFIC gives you the power of context marketing for an eCommerce website by integrating content and commerce.

7 Design Principles in SAFIC

SAFIC architecture was created with the following main design principles in mind.

  • Simplicity: SAFIC is an Accelerator Framework created for developers with simplicity in mind. The goal was to create the architecture that developers will understand at their first look.
  • Consistency: The SAFIC architecture is simple because it is consistent. The consistency of the framework makes knowledge transfer easy and helps developers become productive quickly.
  • Component Oriented: The architecture is component oriented.That makes it possible to move the components around and re-use them.
  • Extensibility: SAFIC follows the same Sitecore pipelines and events architecture for application extensibility. Developers can use pipelines and events to extend their implementation to do more customization. 
  • Integrated: SAFIC can be easily integrated with other systems because of its open architecture and extension points.
  • Scalability: The integration of Sitecore and eCommerce platforms in SAFIC is through RESTful APIs which allows Sitecore and the eCommerce to stay on their own process space. This makes SAFIC scalable as the number of instances of Sitecore and eCommerce can be increased separately.
  • Testability: SAFIC was designed for testability. We have made sure all components were designed using the Dependency Injection pattern.

SAFIC Architecture at a glance

SAFIC Architecture

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