Nish Tech Releases SAFIC 3.0 with support for Sitecore Commerce

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The SAFIC Accelerator extends foundational support to the Sitecore Commerce platform and packs a punch with additional core features.  Enabling rapid eCommerce site launches, SAFIC is a proven winner for Sitecore eCommerce customers. 

CINCINNATI, Oct. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nish Tech, a Gold Sitecore Implementation Partner with a specialization in eCommerce, has released the third major upgrade to their Sitecore Accelerator Framework for Integrated Commerce (SAFIC) at the Sitecore Symposium 2017 in Las Vegas.  SAFIC is the first accelerator to definitively enhance the feature sets available to customers using Sitecore in conjunction with an eCommerce platform. The accelerator was originally offered as an integration between Sitecore and the InsiteCommerce platform. Version 3.0 now additionally offers out-of-the-box support for Sitecore Commerce and can be used with any eCommerce platform that has an open API.

SAFIC 3.0 offers a new module for integrating with Sitecore Commerce and delivers several foundational elements. While this update enables the use of Sitecore Commerce, there are also several other features for existing users of the SAFIC for InsiteCommerce module.

The latest version of the accelerator now supports Sitecore 8.2 update 4. This ongoing commitment to keeping SAFIC in line with current Sitecore releases underscores the continuing value of using the accelerator.  When you are ready to upgrade Sitecore, SAFIC updates are ready for you.  Moreover, our SAFIC support team is on your side with service packs and hot fixes when needed.

Nish Tech’s Manager of Business Development, Vince Militello said, “This transformative SAFIC release represents our commitment to being the implementation leader for Sitecore eCommerce sites, providing features and platform support that is in high demand.”

What is an example of SAFIC accelerating an eCommerce launch? 

Implus LLC, an innovative manufacturer of a portfolio of brands in the footwear and the recreational accessory marketplace, is in the process of redesigning all of their sites and re-platforming on the Sitecore Experience Platform with a multi-site architecture.  The first site launched was their FuelBelt brand ( which realized a 60% implementation cost savings by using SAFIC.  Subsequent brands continue to leverage SAFIC to realize an 80% savings in eCommerce implementation cost, most recently adding the Harbinger Fitness brand ( and the Yaktrax brand (, each launching in three short weeks. This is proven eCommerce acceleration at its finest.

What is the roadmap for SAFIC?

Nish Tech CEO, Suresh Devanan believes SAFIC changes the way businesses approach an eCommerce project, “Organizations who can launch their market using technology are poised to beat their competitors.  We help companies win, win fast and then keep them ahead of the curve.” 

About Nish Tech, Inc. 

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