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This page brings a lists of material produced during the development of the presentation "Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Personalization - Data-driven marketing in a brick-and-click store", run at the Sitecore Symposium 2019 in Orlando.

Face Recognition Presentation Cover

Source codes and Modules

  1. UWP Application (Raspberry PI client) -
    • Implements the Face Detection loop, responsible for taking good quality pictures of a face and use it to identify the contact. 
    • Receives book recommendations from Sitecore and shows on screen
    • Turns LED lights on and off, providing improved visual feedback

  2. Module for Face Recognition with Sitecore (Hackathon winner!) -
    • Provides Sitecore Experience Forms Fields and Save Actions to execute Face Authentication (Face Login)
    • This module enables authentication via face recognition by integrating xConnect and external face recognition API named Kairos
    • The user image and data is stored in xDb via xConnect

  3. Module for Text Emotion Analysis - /Blog/2019/June/Advanced-Tagging-with-Sitecore-Cortex-and-TextAnalytics
    • Using Cognitive Text Analytics for Emotion Analysis and categorization of books

Slide Decks

  1. Version 1 - SUGCON London - April 2019 
  2. Version 2 - Symposium Orlando - November 2019

Blog posts

  1. Privacy concerns with Face Recognition - /Blog/2019/June/Privacy-Concerns-with-Face-Recognition-Technologies
  2. Advanced Tagging with Sitecore Cortex and TextAnalytics - /Blog/2019/June/Advanced-Tagging-with-Sitecore-Cortex-and-TextAnalytics
  3. Programmatically "Visit" a page (and all xDB-related) -
  4. Custom rule condition to find Top-N Profile Key
  5. XConnect Avatar Facet breaking Experience Profile


  1. Smart Bookshelf Promo Video -
  2. SUGCON London Presentation (V1) - 
  3. XConnect Face Login with Sitecore by Team Go Horse -


  1. Smart Bookshelf
    Smart Bookshelf Visually
  2. Smart Bookshelf Client Hardware
    Smart Bookshelf Hardware
  3. White Box Schematcs (Raspberry, Relay Module and 12v)
    White Box Schematics (Raspberry + Relay Module + 12v)

Coming soon…

Watch out for more content coming at /Blog/ and

  1. Using AWS Personalize with Sitecore
  2. How to use Emotion Analysis to refine book recommendations
  3. Symposium 2019 Orlando Presentation (V1 & V2)
  4. And more...
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