Are You Prepared for the Post-Pandemic World?

Posted by Nishtech

History has a lot to teach us, and one thing that we have learned is that we need to prepare for what is to come. According to an article from The Economist on post-pandemic scenarios in the past, we have seen a boom in economy growth from countries affected by pandemics.

Therefore, it's vital to keep the future in mind. If an increase in buying habits is expected in a post-pandemic world, then your company needs to be prepared to meet that demand.

Today, there is a shortage of both PlayStation 5s and X-Boxes in North America due to an insufficient amount of computer components. If you have not yet bought your upgraded console, it's almost impossible to purchase one right now.

In Canada, during the months of May and June this year, there were no consoles available for purchase on,, or On the EB Games site you can currently find the following message:

“Due to the popularity of this item, we are limiting online & instore purchases to ONE per household. Any orders containing multiple units will be reduced to one. Any additional orders will be canceled. If you would like to purchase more units, please visit your local store at time of release. Thank you.”

However, despite this message, there are no consoles available to buy online or at physical store locations. After clicking OK in the pop-up message window, you see the following:

out of stock image

This is indicative that people staying at home are:

  1. Looking for ways to stay entertained until the pandemic is over
  2. Eager now more than ever to take risks and go beyond their usual patterns to get the most they can out of this new “freedom”

This is a huge opportunity for companies to prepare for the new expected economy growth in a post-pandemic era. People will be more compelled than ever to buy, take risks, and experience new opportunities.

The best time to prepare is now.

If your company does not have a solid e-commerce and digital experience platform solution, this is the time to get one in place and be equipped for the new normal.

In my next blog post on this topic I will be covering some key points to keep in mind when developing the strategy for your online presence.

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