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Posted by Andy Klein

Welcome to Digital Bytes!

In this episode, Nish Tech Sitecore Practice Lead Eduardo Moraes joins Digital Bytes to look at integrating Sitecore Content Hub with the Digital Experience Platform using Sitecore Connect for Content Hub & DAM.


Lindsey Schmidt:
Hi, everybody.

So if you haven't heard already, Content Hub is Sitecore’s solution to solving the content crisis that many organizations are facing as they move more towards a content-first marketing strategy. Content Hub is something that allows marketers to better manage the entire content lifecycle and gives them a complete view of their content landscape.

Nish Tech was recently recognized by Sitecore as a Specialized Partner in Sitecore Content Hub. So in this episode we are going to have Eduardo - who is our Director of Digital Strategy and Customer Experience, and our Sitecore Practice Lead - we're going to have him show us what you need to know to integrate Content Hub and the Sitecore Experience Platform.

I'm Lindsey, and this is Digital Bytes.

Eduardo Moraes:

Hello there, my name is Eduardo Morales and I am the director of Digital Strategy and Customer Experience at Nish Tech. I have been working with Sitecore and other digital experience platforms for over a decade now, helping companies across North and South America to get the best possible results with these platforms - achieving their goals and delivering the best possible experience to their customers with their online presence.

Today I would like to share with you some things we've learned, making the Sitecore Content Hub Connector work, allowing for an integration between Content Hub and a Sitecore Content Management instance.

There are basically a few steps that you need to take in order to make the connector work. But before we talk about that, let's remember why you use Sitecore Content Hub in the first place, and then we'll look into having it connected to a Sitecore experience platform.

First of all, Sitecore Content Hub offers you a very intuitive and easy to use interface to manage all your digital assets. Traditionally, Sitecore assets would be managed using the Sitecore Media Library. The Sitecore Media Library has been the old out of the box companion of the Sitecore interface.

However, despite the fact of being also very easy to use and directly integrated with Sitecore content Management System feature, the original Sitecore Media Library doesn't have a few advanced features that are now available with the new Sitecore Content Hub.

Beyond digital asset management, these features are digital rights management, product content management, automated content tagging using artificial intelligence, marketing resource management, web-to-print, and integration with your Sitecore content management platform.

The idea is that marketers, communication team designers - they can have a centralized area to work on their digital assets. These assets can then, once approved in a workflow, be consumed in multiple channels in different platforms and interfaces, including Sitecore content editor.

The steps for that include just a few configuration steps on the Content Hub side and the Sitecore content editor side.

In the Content Hub side, we just need to first configure the Cross Origin resource sharing ports to allow for incoming traffic from your Sitecore instance into Content Hub which is quite simple. All you need to do is basically type the URL of your site query instances, the ones that we're going to consume the media assets from Content Hub.

Then the second, and optional step is to make the configuration to enable single sign on in case you don't want to use a passive authentication, entering username and password manually whenever you want to get new image from Content Hub.

This optional step can be a little bit more complicated and may require some help from your technical team.

In the Sitecore CMS side, all you need to do is first install the Sitecore Connect for Sitecore DAM package, which is a quite standard package and a very standard procedure for those who are already used to installing Sitecore packages.

Second, make the configurations for your Content Hub DAM instance URL and search page URLs in Sitecore. Then finally add the Content Hub URL also in your web config file under the content security policy tag.

And that's it.

It is that simple. Once that is done you will have a new icon in your rich text editor and also in your image fields giving you the option to insert images from your Sitecore Content Hub DAM.

Lindsey Schmidt:

Thanks, Eduardo.

So, with that - if you’re looking to take charge of your entire content lifecycle and don’t know where to start, head over to our website and drop us a note. We would love to give you a demo and help determine if Content Hub is a fit for you.

Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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