How Distributors Can Future-Proof E-Commerce with Sitecore OrderCloud

Posted by Andy Klein


In the past, e-commerce was simply about putting up a website that enabled visitors to search for products and purchase them. To compete today, you need to provide personalized experiences that nurture each customer from acquisition to transaction to retention. And to do this, you need to know your customers — who they are, what interests them, when they’ve interacted with you, and how.

Sitecore OrderCloud is a cloud-based, API-first, headless e-commerce platform that offers nearly limitless customizations and endless freedom for growth. With the front-end completely decoupled from the backend, you have limitless freedom to customize your ordering experiences without performance risk. Easily extend your ordering capabilities to new devices, channels, applications, and more, as your buyer preferences evolve over time. With OrderCloud, distributors get the flexibility and scalability needed to extend digital and commerce capabilities across your supply chain to ensure long-term success.

In this webinar, we collaborate with to show how you can partner with Nishtech and Sitecore to create customized ecommerce experiences that fit your needs and your business setup. Whether it's full e-commerce platform development or just a simple product catalog integration, Sitecore OrderCloud provides the flexibility to create a fully customized solution that grows with your business.

Presented by:
Suresh Devanan, Founder & CEO, Nishtech
Charlie Johnson, Sr., Commerce Sales Specialist, Sitecore

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