Why use Optimizely Configured Commerce over Infor Storefront?

Posted by Suresh Devanan

Optimizely Configured Commerce offers a solution for businesses to provide their customers with the best possible experiences including personalization from data-driven recommendations. Infor's legacy Storefront solution has many limitations which is why many businesses are switching from Infor’s platform to Optimizely Configured Commerce for a more modern experience that customers prefer.

What is Infor?

Infor was founded in 2002 as an ERP software company primarily focused on manufacturers and distributors. Infor offers a storefront product, but it provides limited functionality and does not drive customer experience or provide personalization. 

Infor Storefront vs. Optimizely Configured Commerce

While Infor provides powerful ERPs, Storefront is a mature product that does not provide the enhanced ecommerce experience that today’s customers expect. Infor has traditionally focused on enterprise resource planning, and their newer platform called Rhythm for Commerce still does not fully stack up to other B2B ecommerce platforms. We recommend Optimizely Configured Commerce over Infor to customers that are looking for a platform with more flexibility and functionality.

Here are some of key features that Optimizely Configured Commerce offers that will help deliver a better overall experience for you and your customers:

  • User experience – Optimizely Configured Commerce has a more user-friendly experience that offers features such as personalized content, quick orders for repeat purchases, wish lists, and more that make the user buying experience easier.
  • Catalog management –While there are similarities when it comes to the catalogs in Infor Storefront and Optimizely Configured Commerce, Optimizely has a rules engine built into its core that is used for creating dynamic categories, attribute management, kitted products and product cross sells. Manufacturers and distributors can also integrate back-office systems to speed up, automate, and reduce errors in catalog management and the Administration Console allows management across multiple sites at once.
  • Workflow personalization – Optimizely Configured Commerce has the capabilities to support the unique workflow requirements that are common in manufacturing and distribution companies and their customers. Manufacturers and distributors have the ability to manage project budgets, request quotes and order requisitions, and more.
  • Search - Optimizely Configured Commerce utilizes the Elasticsearch search engine, so full-text searches are executed extremely quickly. In addition, Elasticsearch provides features such as autocomplete, partial matching, and last 10 searched, all of which allow fine-tuning of results to enhance the user experience.
  • Content management – Another feature that Optimizely invested in was CMS and Content, offering built-in and user-friendly CMS tools. Users can make updates to pages without knowing code or having to call a designer.
  • Personalization – Optimizely Configured Commerce offers powerful personalization capabilities built for B2B to engage prospects and new customers, and to target existing customers through cross-sell and upsell capabilities.
  • Self-service – Optimizely Configured Commerce’s features are designed to support your customers' needs and their ability to access the information that is relevant to them. They can manage their account settings or review orders and invoice history. Guest users can create accounts and easily be assigned to accounts, and customers can create their own users. These are all features Infor Storefront does not offer.
  • Mobile responsiveness – Optimizely Configured Commerce is an extremely responsive platform and has a company-branded ecommerce mobile app. The app allows immediate access to search a product, catalog, check order statues, and add items to cart and checkout, without any customizations.
  • Increased engagement and conversion – Users want a consistent and easy experience, and they are more likely to return if they can easily find what they are looking for and have a personalized experience.

Switching from Infor to Optimizely Configured Commerce allows businesses more flexibility that provides a more personalized experience for customers, driving overall business growth and increase in revenue.

Nishtech’s experience with Optimizely

Nishtech has been delivering personalized B2B commerce experiences for over 10 years. We have been recognized by Optimizely as a B2B Commerce Specialized Partner and preferred implementation partner for Optimizely Configured Commerce – Content Cloud integrations. Nishtech has experience migrating several customers from Infor storefront to Optimizely Configured Commerce and, because of the flexibility of the platform, Nishtech has been able to integrate new functionality into the existing commerce experience when necessary.

Are you looking for a better ecommerce experience? Contact us to get started.

Suresh Devanan

Suresh Devanan - Founder & CEO

Suresh Devanan founded Nishtech in 2006. He has over 26 years of experience in the consulting & technology industry and is responsible for the overall leadership, vision and execution of the strategic roadmap Nishtech is building.

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