Tips for Importing Forms using a Sitecore Package

Posted by Roberto De Almieda

Today I’m going to talk about Sitecore Forms. Here is a good trick if you're having issues importing a new form with a Sitecore package.


You need to export a Form from your production environment and import it to your development environment. This can be done with a simple Sitecore package, right?

Sitecore Package with Forms items


You've finished the import, then you go to the Sitecore Forms application, and you note the new form is not showing. You are sure that you have installed the package and can see it through the Content Editor. Why is it not showing up under the Forms item?

Sitecore missing form


Let's understand the context first.

We have installed a Sitecore package that uses the Master SQL database to store the new form. The form is showing up in the Content Editor, and you can even use it through the Experience Editor as well.

After some research and some coffee, I figured out the reason behind this issue. Sitecore Forms uses the Solr index to read the available Forms, which means if we install a new Sitecore package with a Form item inside of it, we need to rebuild the Master index. Of course, if you have the automatic rebuild action turned on, you will not experience this issue.

Sitecore Master Index rebuild

After the Master_Index is rebuilt, you will see the proper form displayed in the Forms application.

Sitecore Form added

See you in the next Sitecore trick!

Roberto De Almeida

Roberto De Almeida - Senior Software Engineer

Roberto De Almeida is a Senior Software Engineer at Nishtech who started down the path of software development at the age of 12. Roberto is a leader within the Nishtech Sitecore practice and has extensive experience in the Sitecore platform. When not sitting behind a keyboard you will probably find Roberto sitting behind a set of drums playing in his band.

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