Personalizing Web Experiences with CMS

Posted by nishtech

Web-based customer management systems (CMSs) today provide a much more in-depth level of personalization than ever before. Think about the last promotional email you received. If it was the first email from this company, it probably had a basic personalization component, such as Dear Johnathon in the salutation.

The next month, here comes the second email from this company. Not only does it now say, Dear John, but it also knows more about the subject matter that interests you. How does it know, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple, based on your click throughs from the first email and the fact that you downloaded a white paper from them (entering your name as John instead of Johnathon), the automated features taking place behind the scenes captured your behaviors.

It’s kind of scary, isn’t it?

We agree; however, in order for marketers, business developers and analysts to gain knowledge about your habits and offer you valid, relevant content that you won’t immediate hit the delete button to eliminate, this behavior tracking power is necessary. And in our opinion, rather incredible!

If you are considering personalization and automation, review these four benefits of what it could mean for your company:

  1. 1. Closer connections would be built with each individual, building more personal relationships.
  2. 2. Your customers would be more satisfied and excited to receive your communications, because the information is relevant to them.
  3. 3. The opportunities to secure new business from existing customers or new business from new customers, simply by sharing your expertise, would be greater.
  4. 4. Instead of you pushing your messages and hoping someone reaches out to you, you will be creating an element of pulling opportunities to you. The customer will be finding you when ready, knowing you are the right source for their needs.

Building a system to manage personalized communications can be as easy or hard as you make it. Take your time to plan it right and focus on making it relevant for the end user – not only will they appreciate it, but you will gain credibility, trust and engagement from each of them!

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