Accelerate your Optimizely B2B Commerce

Posted by Himadri Chakrabarti

Accelerate your B2B ecommerce with Nishtech and Optimizely

When Optimizely acquired Insite Software, we saw an opportunity to build an accelerator that integrates Optimizely Content Management with Configured Commerce and provides the ability to rapidly build online commerce storefronts natively on the Content Management CMS.

The Nishtech team was perfectly set up for this task because of our long experience in delivering many CMS and InsiteCommerce B2B projects. So, we took the challenge, and the result is the Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator for Optimizely.

What is the Nishtech B2B Accelerator?

Simply put, the Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator is a fully functional and customizable B2B commerce website that allows you to easily set up a product catalog and personalized, optimized supporting content, and quickly start selling product.

So how did we do this? We built an entire Optimizely Configured Commerce website on top of the Optimizely digital experience platform using the Optimizely Configured Commerce API SDK. In other words, we did the development work that is required to make the two platforms work together and produced a full website that you can roll-out using your own installation of Content Marketing and Configured Commerce.

What this means for you is that once your platforms are properly installed and configured, the Accelerator will serve as your new front-end using as many or as few UI customizations as you want. You can simply change the logo and some of the colors, or you can go ahead and add your own styles.

Regardless, we’ve cut down the time and money required to upgrade your B2B buying experience because we built the connectors and site functionality for you.

Who Will Benefit from the Nishtech B2B Accelerator?

Before we go and talk about features in the Nishtech B2B Accelerator, you would probably like to know if this accelerator will be beneficial to implement the B2B storefront for your business.

Companies that will benefit the most from the Nishtech B2B Accelerator are:

  • Brand-conscious manufacturers and distributors that currently have a CMS and are looking to deliver fully personalized commerce experiences
  • Businesses that need full CMS workflow and content creation capabilities across larger teams
  • Businesses that need to facilitate rapid deployment of a personalized shopping platform

Because the Nishtech B2B Accelerator will help build your site natively on the Optimizely DXP, your storefront can take full advantage of robust features such as content recommendations, product recommendations, experimentation (A/B testing), and many more other services that are part of Optimizely DXP. Additionally, you can now unify your customer data through the Optimizely Data Platform.

The Nishtech B2B Accelerator comes with out-of-the-box B2B commerce features as well as integration with Optimizely DXP services. It will help your business to go to market quickly.

Fully Functional Ecommerce Features

Below are some of the most important out-of-the-box features of the Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator for Optimizely.

Product Browsing

The Nishtech B2B Accelerator comes with a beautifully designed mega menu for browsing products by category. Product browsing includes all B2B commerce functionalities such as customer specific products, real-time pricing and availability, product filtering, searching within a category, product comparison, SEO friendly URLs, and more.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - navigation

Product Detail Page

The product detail page has been designed to provide all information about the product in one place and makes it easy for the user to purchase the product, save it in a list, or share it with others. A collapsible tab design lets the user see product specifications and reviews without scrolling down. This page supports showing multiple images and videos of the product with image zooming functionality. The user can look at all associated attribute values in the main section with product availability and price. The page is SEO friendly and uses structured data using JSON-LD for promoting products.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - product detail page

Product Comparison

The intuitive product comparison function allows users to compare products from anywhere within their shopping journey. As they browse the site, users can add up to 4 products to the comparison tool, and then see a side-by-side view of product attributes and specs.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - product comparison

Product Filtering

When we designed category landing pages, we wanted to make sure it was easy for users to refine their searches. Configurable facets provide users with several ways to narrow down the list of products so they can easily and easily locate the products they need.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - product filtering

Quick Order

Where a B2C buyer may be looking to make a one-time purchase, a B2B buyer tends to purchase the same items over time, particularly if they are re-stocking inventory. The Quick Order function allows users to quickly search, locate, and add parts to a list which is then moved to the shopping cart with one click.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - quick order

Order History

We designed two features for buyers who tend to re-order the same products in a single transaction.

The first is Order History. In addition to providing a full view of all transactions that have been completed, this feature also allows users to easily "copy" an entire order and move it to the shopping cart for rapid check out.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - order history

Wish List

The second feature we added to support re-ordering is the Wish List. A customer can use this functionality to build a "shopping list" of products that they purchase on a regular basis. Then, instead of having to add each item separately to the cart every time, the customer can simply navigate to their Wish List and add the entire contents with one click.

Nishtech Accelerator for Optimizely B2B Commerce - wish list

How do I get the Nishtech B2B Accelerator?

You can get more information about the Nishtech B2B Accelerator by visiting the Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator for Optimizely page on our website. Drop us a line and we'd be happy to work with you!

Himadri Chakrabarti

Himadri Chakrabarti

Himadri Chakrabarti is the Global VP of Technology at Nishtech and has more than 20 years of experience in architecting, designing and developing software across many industries. He is a technology enthusiast with extensive experience implementing enterprise applications across many industries and platforms. For his contributions to the tech community, Sitecore and Optimizely have recognized him as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

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