B2B Commerce Simplified

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator

Nishtech's B2B Commerce Accelerator is a market-ready Optimizely B2B Commerce "website-in-a-box" that was built on top of Optimizely Content Management using the Optimizely Configured Commerce API SDK. The Accelerator is a fully functional B2B commerce product that allows brands to easily set up a product catalog and personalized, optimized supporting content, and start selling product through personalized shopping experiences in a matter of weeks. You'll see lower implementation costs, reduced time to market, and a faster return on your ecommerce investment.

In 15 minutes we show you how we set up a fully functional ecommerce website in Optimizely Content Management using a pre-configured Optimizely Configured Commerce site and the Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator. Real-time setup for this site was 90 minutes.

Key Features

  • Extensible UX

    Out-of-the-box sophisticated user design with extensible components

  • next-level personalization

    Integrated personalization capabilities provide unique buying experiences such as facet filtering, customer-specific catalogs, sitewide product comparisons, and dynamic cross-sells, upsells, and product recommendations

  • Product Restrictions and Content Customization

    Configurable product availability and content customization/personalization based upon user accounts and contracts

  • Saved Payment Cards

    Authenticated users can save payment card information to their profile for faster checkout

  • Quick Order Pad

    Reusable component that can be placed on any page. Search for products and add to cart right from search results.

  • Mini Cart

    Configurable component that displays a popup as products are added to the shopping cart

  • Dealer Locator

    Searchable database of dealer locations with geolocated search results and clickable Google map

  • Bulk Order Upload

    Upload spreadsheets to quickly add large orders to the shopping cart

  • advanced search

    Advanced search capabilities including auto-complete, ecommerce Elasticsearch, and Optimizely Search & Navigation for a friction-free visitor experience

  • Multi-Site Architecture

    Multi-site theming architecture for accelerated rollouts

  • Account Management

    Complete self-service account management capabilities

  • content optimization

    Delivery and experimentation platform for optimized customer journeys

  • fast checkout

    Single page checkout for authenticated and guest users

  • guest user for b2c/b2b

    Guest user checkout is fully supported, allowing out-of-the-box support for both B2B and B2C deployments

Fully customizable B2B ecommerce solution

Home Page

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - home page

Mega-Navigation Pane

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - navigation

Configurable Facet Filtering

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - product filtering

Full Site Product Comparison

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - product comparison

One-page Checkout

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - checkout

Quick Order

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - quick order


Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - wish list

Order History

Nishtech B2B Commerce Accelerator - order history

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