Staying Organized with Jira JQL

Posted by Josh Ketchum

I don't know about you, but a lot of times, I wind up on more projects than one.   Whenever that happens, I like to list out the tasks I need to do according to the projects, and the order I want to do them in, and little "progress points" in my One Note before I got started for the day.   This helped me keep my own self on task and make sure I do not do the unthinkable and forget a task on "my own plate." 

Over time, I realized what I was doing could be easily automated and organized via the use of Confluence & Jira Filter Queries.   After all, everything I am working on should be a story, bug, or task in Jira, right?


The JQL Queries

What I did was create a JQL filter in Jira that can give me a report on what items are "on my plate" that need my attention.    

assignee = "" AND (status = "In Progress" OR status = "To Do" OR status = "Selected for Development" OR status = "Backlog" OR status = "Working") 
    OR project = "Project #1 that I code Review For" AND status = "Ready for Code Review" OR project = "Project #2 that I code Review For" AND status = "Ready for Code Review"
    ORDER BY updatedDate DESC

I also wrote a quick query to get the items in the last 7 days where I was mentioned somewhere in the ticket.  

(summary ~ "" OR description ~ "" OR comment ~ "") AND updatedDate >= -7d

The Results

The result is a simple list of Jira tickets, with the columns depending on your own settings of your widget or confluence macro.



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