Nishtech is a Sitecore Gold Enterprise Solutions Partner that delivers experience driven designs thorough the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform that maximize conversions and drive business growth.

Content Management

Content Management

We build digital experiences that allow you to deliver consistent, engaging content to your customers.



We design solutions that deliver targeted, relevant content to customers at every touchpoint.

Sitecore OrderCloud

Sitecore OrderCloud

Design your own e-commerce marketplace application with an API-first, headless cloud platform for B2B, B2C, and B2X.

Multi-Site Architecture

Multi-Site Architecture

We create a strategy and infrastructure for multi-site hosting within a single platform instance.

Design & UX

Design & UX

Our UX experts craft designs based upon customer data and industry best-practices.

Platform Upgrades

Platform Upgrades

We help you plan and navigate upgrades to maximize your platform investment.

Platform Audits

Platform Audits

We analyze your solution, then provide a detailed report with steps for remediation.

UX Audit

UX Audit

We do a deep dive into your solution, run a complete analysis and conduct usability testing, and develop a detailed correction plan that will help improve performance.

Sitecore Gold Partner

Nishtech has what it takes to advance your position in the digital maturity model. Most companies don’t know where to start when it comes to becoming digitally mature. Nishtech has a proven strategy to teach our clients to crawl, walk, and then run. We start with quick wins and make adjustments to optimize the site to see improved outcomes. Using the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform allows us to have one centralized, 360 degree view of our customers, connecting the different channels and interactions you have with your customers. Working with Nishtech means you will be in the hands of trusted professionals who will work with you to increase web traffic and conversions.

Sitecore Gold Enterprise Solutions Provider

Nishtech Sitecore XP Specialized provider

Nishtech Sitecore OrderCloud Specialized provider

Nishtech Sitecore Content Hub Specialized provider

Sitecore Experts for Over 11 Years

  • Vital Statistics

    Nishtech has over 11 years of Sitecore experience and we've deployed 105 (and counting) Sitecore solutions. We have 14 Sitecore Certified developers and 2 Sitecore MVPs. We have the expertise needed to perfect your Sitecore solutions.

  • Digital Experience

    We carefully consider your requirements to create a comprehensive solution that has flexibility to accommodate your business now and 10 years from now. We create powerful Sitecore solutions that deliver engaging customer experiences and drive positive outcomes.

  • Content Hub & OrderCloud Specialization

    Nishtech has been recognized by Sitecore for our expertise in delivering digital experience platform and ecommerce solutions, and we are one of a select group of Content Hub & OrderCloud Specialized Sitecore partners.

  • Personalization

    We specialize in engaging customers by designing Sitecore solutions that deliver targeted, personalized content in real-time across all touchpoints.

  • OrderCloud Integration

    Nishtech has extensive experience creating compelling ecommerce solutions through Sitecore integration. We're experts at integrating into headless, API-first ecommerce platforms. SAFIC, our commerce accelerator built specifically for the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform, allows for rapid, cost-effective implementation of personalized ecommerce sites.

  • Sitecore Customization

    We understand each organization will have different, specific needs. For this reason, we offer completely customized services to help you better optimize your customer experience. Whether it's front-end, dynamically changing promotional content for target users or back-end management tools that would help with engagement automation, we can assist you in reaching your potential with the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform.

  • Personalized Training

    Software can be complicated. We're here to help and will simplify the challenge of learning new software functionality. We provide user manuals, training sessions, and phone support for our customers, for every platform we implement.

  • Agency partnerships

    We play well with others. Nishtech has worked with many different agencies, with various focuses that need an experienced Sitecore partner to execute the development and system integrations for their clients. It's an honor for us to be brought into projects so we allow the agency of record to determine what our level of involvement and communication with the client will be. Frankly, we'll do the work and let you take the credit. 

  • Version Upgrades

    Sitecore is constantly making improvements to their software. Companies that don't keep up with the latest versions are not maximizing their platform investment and can encounter support issues. Allow Nishtech to assist in the upgrade process while ensuring the changes made will not have a negative impact on your current site. 

Nishtech was a pleasure to work with! The company took over with positive energy where the other company who dropped out of the project left off. Customer service, being accessible, and expertise was consistent and top-notch.

Kris Boike, CIO at North Hennepin Community College

Sitecore Content Hub

Powerful experiences

Marketers today face an overwhelming challenge - offering the personalized experiences their customers increasingly expect, across numerous personas, channels, and customer journey stages.

The difficulty in creating this content is compounded by the use of multiple tools, disjointed systems, disconnected teams, and legacy processes that inhibit both collaboration and the visibility of content performance.

The combination of increased demand, inefficient and convoluted workflows, the inability to understand performance, and duplicate efforts leads to the “content crisis.”

The solution isn’t just to work harder. You need a plan, a process, and technology to help you deliver.

Great technology

Sitecore Content Hub is a unified platform that integrates digital asset management (DAM), content marketing platform (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM), and product content management (PCM). Sitecore Content Hub directly integrates with the Sitecore Experience Platform to provide a unified platform with end-to-end content management, including experience management and full commerce capabilities.

Having a centralized content hub benefits everyone in the marketing organization and beyond: from content creators, to digital marketers, to marketing ops, merchandisers, and even the IT department.

Once content is built and approved in Content Hub, it’s ready to be shared in personalized and engaging experiences across all channels through Sitecore Experience Platform.

Sitecore Content Hub and Sitecore Experience Platform helps solve the content crisis by providing one place to create and distribute content, with one-unified collaborative user experience for all content stakeholders so they can understand content effectiveness and enable personalization at scale.

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Sitecore OrderCloud

Limitless Customizations

In the past, commerce was simply about putting up a website that enabled visitors to search for products and purchase them. To compete today, you need to provide personalized experiences that nurture each customer from acquisition to transaction to retention. And to do this, you need to know your customers — who they are, what interests them, when they’ve interacted with you, and how.

But that only gets you halfway to your goal. You also need relevant content that meets your customers where they are and guides them to their next step. The right content at the right time is what personalizes each experience for each customer. 

OrderCloud by Sitecore is a cloud-based, API-first, headless eCommerce platform that offers nearly limitless customizations and endless freedom for growth. With the front-end completely decoupled from the backend, you have limitless freedom to customize your ordering experiences without performance risk. Easily extend your ordering capabilities to new devices, channels, applications, and more, as your buyer preferences evolve over time.

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SAFIC (Sitecore Accelerator Framework for Integrated Commerce) provides a seamless connection between Sitecore and OrderCloud to deliver personalized experiences for your customers. Prebuilt e-commerce widgets and a modular architectural design allow business users to easily add, remove, and personalize components and content in Sitecore.

With SAFIC you'll see cost savings in two forms. First, you'll have lower development costs because most of the heavy development work required to implement and integrate with Sitecore has already been completed. Working with SAFIC means that you are getting a much better value on the amount of development work that has been done for the price paid. Second, you'll see a reduced time to market, providing a faster return on investment.

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