Syncada Reveals newly Redesigned Website

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Cincinnati, OH - Nish Tech, Inc., an enterprise technology and digital agency that specializes in Sitecore Content Management Solutions and Custom web solutions, has been working with Syncada, a company that provides an open and global payment network, to launch a redesigned version of their website using the Sitecore content management system. 

The new website features:

  • A more user-engaging design that lets users quickly navigate to the sections that they are most interested in
  • Newly developed components according to Syncada's needs with complete integration with Sitecore's powerful Page Editor, allowing content managers to easily add or even remove features on each page
  • Forms configured by Web Form for Marketers to track user's questions and ensure each submission does not get lost in translation
  • News & Insights now used WeBlog module for Sitecore, organizing content by date, categories, and tags

With the Sitecore module WeBlog, Nish Tech provided a more user-friendly way to showcase the press releases, news articles, and research white papers that Syncada had released.   Each feature of the News & Insights page is now organized by category, date, and tag name to ensure the average visitor can quickly find the information they are looking for.  

About Syncada

Syncada is a global financing supply chain that uses PowerTrack, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, to provide a more efficient way for corporate and public sector clients to get paid and be paid.  The company provides other companies and organizations the ability to replace their inefficient, paper-based methods of payment with an integrated, fully electronic solution.  

One measure of Syncada’s focus on innovation is the more than 70 patents issued in the United States and other jurisdictions.  Syncada's most recent patent was issued in March 2013, and there are over 70 pending patent applications in the United States and other jurisdictions. 

About Nish Tech, Inc.

Nish Tech, Inc. was founded in 2006 as an enterprise technology and digital agency headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We don’t just deliver web solutions; we deliver the right web solutions using our Perfect IT (4P) Process™ - Plan IT, Picture IT, Perfect IT, Promote IT. At Nish Tech, our experts help define and build online strategies, bring them to life with our design team, utilize the latest innovations in technology, then combine with digital marketing initiatives that will provide the right customized solution for your business.

For more information, please contact Suresh Devanan at 513-469-8500.

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