A New Chapter at Nishtech

Posted by Suresh Devanan

Nishtech logo

This month we begin a new chapter at Nishtech.

15 years ago, I was working full-time as a software engineer. Working for a big corporation had its benefits, but I wanted to explore something different. I branched off and created Nish Tech to get a start in technology consulting. For the next 5 years I juggled small part-time freelance web projects while continuing to work for other corporations.

During this time I had an opportunity to get into the enterprise content management space by working on a project for my employer's client. This proved to be the spark I needed to become a full-time independent consultant delivering content management solutions to larger companies. In 2011 I got a new logo, new website, and hired my first 3 employees. Nish Tech - the consultancy - was officially born.

Our focus at the time was to work with vendor partners to implement custom website applications. We did that, and we did it very well. A lot of late nights and technical creativity helped us deliver those initial websites and pushed us to bring in more business. The growth took off and has continued over the past 10 years.

Now we are celebrating our 15th anniversary as a company and 10th as a digital experience and e-commerce consultancy. With a new chapter in our history comes a new name, a new look, and a continued commitment to our vendor partners and our customers for quality service and solution delivery.

First, our new name. We've combined Nish Tech into one word to reflect our emergence as a full-service consultancy that delivers a wide range of digital services, and not just a development house that builds websites. Nishtech is not just a tech company – we're transforming the way companies connect with their customers by providing them with complete digital solutions.

Going along with that, we have updated our tagline to 'Perfecting digital' because that's what we do. We deliver perfected digital commerce, experiences, solutions, and partnerships.

Our new look includes an updated logo that incorporates the new name and tagline, and a completely redesigned website. We've come up with a cutting-edge, easy to navigate design that provides current and prospective customers with a wealth of information on what Nishtech is all about.

I'm incredibly excited about these changes. Thank you to our awesome team, our incredible vendor partners, and our amazing customers – we can't wait to see what the next chapter looks like for Nishtech.

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